September 27, 2023

Reviews – Best Womens Ski Helmet with Pictures

No matter your experience level, it’s a no-brainer that you need a helmet for skiing. While the more expensive versions on the list provide advanced fit modification and venting, people who visit the mountains only a few times a year will be comfortable with a less expensive alternative. 

Are men’s and womens ski helmets different ? While many women’s white ski helmets are unisex and suitable for men and women, there is a substantial selection of women’s-specific snow helmets. These models are quite identical to the men’s counterparts but have different hues for the shell and liner, as well as a more fitted silhouette. Often, the brand will change, but the technology will remain the same—as will the pricing.

To help you select the best ski helmets for women we have shortlisted our top picks. The following are the top ski helmets for women the 2021-2022 season, ranging from the feature-packed and technologically advanced to the simple yet effective.


Best Womens Ski Helmets

a) Smith Vantage MIPS

(Amongst the most trusted women ski helmets)


Smith Vantage MIPS


The quality and attention to detail are immediately apparent, with a soft but supportive lining, superb covering all around your head, and an easily adjustable Boa dial for fit. You just put on the helmet and forget it’s there—the Vantage is that light and comfortable. Additionally, you’ll benefit from improved ventilation, as there are a total of 21 vents controlled by two independent sliders for easy tuning. Overall, you will not find a more comfortable and universally capable frontside and backcountry helmet.

Additionally, the Vantage includes all of Smith’s safety features. Their characteristic honeycomb Aerocore structure is visible through the vent apertures and is designed to enhance energy absorption in the event of a collision. Additionally, the popular MIPS liner is included in the womens ski helmet, which is designed to protect your brain in the event of an angled collision. While quantifying these safety measures is difficult, it’s worth noting how nicely the additional technology is integrated into the low-profile design. It’s entirely up to you if the entire bundle is worth the high $270 price tag.


b) Giro Womens Ski Helmet

(Top-rated among womens ski helmets)


Giro Womens Ski Helmet


Salomon’s MTN Lab has long been a favourite of ski mountaineers, but it now faces stiff competition in the Giro Grid MIPS. The Giro Womens Ski Helmet weighs 14.1 ounces and blends a lightweight, well-ventilated design with newly designed MIPS Spherical protection for superior protection. This technology (exclusive to Giro and Bell helmets) utilises a ball-and-socket structure to reduce weight and bulk while still providing protection from rotational impacts, resulting in the lightest MIPS helmet on this list. And this womens white ski helmet didn’t skimp on fit and finish with the premium Grid, which includes a comfortable removable lining, glove-friendly fit and vent adjustments, and a slick magnetic snap buckle that we’ve found to be exceptionally easy to use.

Finally, the choice between the Grid and the MTN Lab boils down to priorities. The Salomon is a full $60 cheaper, and its fixed vents and streamlined liner are sufficient for the majority of backcountry aficionados. Additionally, the MTN Lab’s mountaineering rating provides additional assurance for the ascent. On the other hand, the Giro provides MIPS-certified angled impact protection, while warmer insulation and adjustable vents make it a more versatile alternative for resort skiing or particularly chilly days of touring. For those that frequent the resort and the backcountry, we believe the Grid is unmatched. Additionally, Giro’s luxury resort package is available at the Range.


c) Obex POC MIPS Womens Ski Helmet

(Popular among womens ski helmet)


Obex POC MIPS Womens Ski Helmet


POC, located in Sweden, has earned a reputation for toughness and safety, and the Obex is the company’s most versatile helmet to date. By combining an in-mold structure with a durable ABS shell, the helmet is competitively light while yet withstanding impact (and limiting cosmetic damage) thanks to the tough external layer of plastic. Additionally, we believe it has a classy appearance, and the variety of colour possibilities helps it stand out in the market. The Obex is completed by an easy-to-use fit system that secures the head equally, adjustable vents, and a redesigned MIPS liner.

What could possibly be disliked about the POC Obex? Despite their efforts, the helmet remains heavier and less streamlined than Smith womens ski helmet. As a result, it feels slightly heavier than its 1-pound weight implies. Additionally, the inside padding is less velvety than that of the Smith womens ski helmet designs, and we prefer more cushioning along the chin strap. Furthermore, only the top vents are adjustable, which means that on chilly days, the helmet may become uncomfortable. To be fair, these distinctions are small, and the Obex’s combination of a premium security suite and a reasonable $200 pricing earns it a spot on our list for 2021-2022.


d) WaveCel Womens Ski Helmet

(Most affordable among the best womens ski helmets)


WaveCel Womens Ski Helmet


WaveCel technology, which was first introduced in Bontrager’s line of bicycling helmets, made the transition to snowsports last season. In short, the cell-like structure is intended to provide two primary safety benefits: shock absorption during direct hits and force reduction during an angled contact (like MIPS). Anon is the first to feature the technology, which is available in both the Logan ($240) and Merak ($320) variants. Additionally, the latter design includes a lot of features that you’d anticipate at this price point, such as a hybrid in-mold construction for increased durability, a magnetic chinstrap, a Boa fit system, and an adjustable ventilation system. Although it’s a tad on the heavier side—our medium size weighed in at 1 pound 4.5 ounces—a it’s formidable option for serious downhill and big-mountain riding.

However, throughout the Merak’s testing, a few objections surfaced. The most important issue is the cushioning design, which does not shield you as effectively as we would like from the Boa fit system. Cinching the helmet provides mild pressure points on the sides of the head (the shape of the Merak appears to favour an oval-shaped head over a round one). Additionally, the helmet’s sparse padding kept it cool on colder resort days, and the foam utilised around the ears muffles sound more than we desire for which it is one of the best womens ski helmet available. While some may find these tradeoffs acceptable in exchange for the advanced safety technology, we’d like to see some of the finer issues ironed out before bumping it up our rating.


Is It Necessary To Check The Sizing and Fit of The Womens Ski Helmets?

Sizing for safety gear is not a time for guesswork, so if you are unsure about your head circumference, measure it. All you need is a soft-sided measuring tape or thread; wrap it around your head approximately an inch above your ears and brows to obtain your measurement (in centimeters). As long as the manufacturer’s listings are accurate—the only exceptions we’ve noticed recently are the smaller-fitting MIPS helmets mentioned above—this should result in a satisfactory fit.

Having the ability to try on numerous helmets can help you transition from a fair fit to an ideal fit, as helmets, like the heads they’re stuffed into, come in a variety of shapes. For instance, the Smith Vantage is well-known for being the most suitable with people who have a rounder skull shape (although it is nearly universally compatible). The Atomic Revent+ Amid, on the other hand, is more forgiving of a thinner profile. Unfortunately, we haven’t discovered that entire brands of helmets fit uniformly, so we can’t make too many broad generalisations, but we have highlighted any fit difficulties we encountered in our recommendations above. While it is preferable to try on before purchasing, you can also ensure that the online merchant accepts returns.

Finally, if you see a helmet with a single size that claims to fit all, we recommend avoiding it even if your head circumference falls within the given criteria. Something that is adjustable in the end will not fit as well.



What Is the Difference Between a Womens Ski Helmet and a Snowboard Helmet?

No, save from appearance, there is no difference between a womens ski helmet and snowboard helmet. Many snowboarders prefer a more bomber-style helmet, while classic ski helmets are more streamlined.

Is there a distinction between a womens ski helmet and snowboarding helmets?

No, there is no difference and they all fit under the category of winter snow sport helmets. Many women will have a preference for a helmet based on its appearance, as snowboard helmets for women have historically sported a more “skater look.” Finally, keep in mind that women prefer cool skiing helmets, and if they think it’s cool, they’re much more likely to wear it, so choose one they’ll enjoy!


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