September 27, 2023
Water Sport Helmets

Regarding Water Sport Helmets

Sandbox Legend Short Rider Helmet: Water Sport Helmets

Water Sport Helmets: You’ll be able to tackle the rapids with complete assurance when you have the SANDBOX Legend Short Rider Helmet. This whitewater rafting helmet offers excellent protection for your head while you’re paddling a canoe or kayak thanks to its low-profile, skate-inspired design.

Water Sport Helmets

In order to shield your head and brain from the force of a collision, the SANDBOX Legend Low Rider has a hard outer shell made of ABS acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and a soft core made of Ethylene vinyl acetate foam.

The Legend Low Rider, just like the majority of other SANDBOX Water Sport Helmets, comes with a variety of fit pads of varying thicknesses. This gives the user the ability to adjust the fit of the helmet in up to 18 different ways. Fabric made of quick-drying polyester spandex that also wicks away perspiration and moisture can be found in the fit pads.

Water Sport Helmets – Low Rider Helmet, Sandbox Classic 2.0

When you wear the SANDBOX Classic 2.0 Low Rider Helmet, you can rest assured that you will be protected from head injuries regardless of whether you are canoeing, kayaking, wakeboarding, or participating in whitewater rafting. This fantastic-looking helmet boasts the characteristic brim that SANDBOX has become known for, and it also provides comfortable protection.

The shell of the Classic 2.0 Low Rider helmet is made of durable ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and has a matte texture that is comfortable to the touch. In the case of a collision, the force that is applied will be mitigated thanks to the multi-impact Ethylene Vinyl Acetate foam that lines the interior.

It comes with two pairs of fit pads that are constructed from polyester spandex that is both long-lasting and quick-drying. These fit pads come in a variety of thicknesses, allowing you to pick the one that is the most comfortable for you.

This watersports helmet, like previous SANDBOX 2.0 Classic models, features a design that incorporates stealth vents in its construction. They permit air to circulate into the liner through ventilation channels, and then they force heat and moisture out the back vents of the vehicle.

Wrsi Present Pro Kayak Helmet

Its predecessor, the WRSI Present paddling Water Sport Helmets, has been superseded by the WRSI Current Pro Kayak Helmet, which features a number of improvements. This improved model includes all of the functionalities of the Present helmet, in addition to a heightened level of protection for the wearer’s head in the event that they are caught in more turbulent water.

The shell of the Current Pro is composed of the same multi-impact Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) material, and it features an interior Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam liner and a sub-shell that is made of polyurethane. This combination offers three layers of protection and shock absorption, all while maintaining a comfortable fit.

This combination of an Interconnected Retention System & an O-Brace Harness gives this kayaking helmet the ability to be adjusted to provide a custom fit. Because of these qualities, the helmet is able to remain firmly in place despite the effects of hydraulic forces.

The previous model does not have the removable ear cushions that the Current Pro does, which are designed to protect the ears from the waves and provide additional warmth. This is one of the main differences between the two models. Another useful accessory is the sun visor, which protects your eyes from wind, rain, and other precipitation.

Whitewater Helmet For The Nrs Havoc Livery.

When it comes to finding a helmets which is comfortable on your head, there is no longer any room for error. The NRS Havoc Livery Whitewater Helmets is a unisex paddling helmet that is available in one size that is meant to fit a wide range of adult head circumferences.

The outside shell of the NRS Havoc Livery helmet is made out of a lightweight material called ABS, which stands for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. The Water Sport Helmets also features plush fit padding, which provide a comfortable and snug fit in critical locations. Because the fit pads are adhered to the inner shell, you won’t have to worry about losing them even if you go diving underwater or ride through rapids.

This protective headgear contains a chin strap that can be adjusted to fit your needs, ensuring that the cap will remain in place regardless of how much you moved. It also come with an ratchet-adjust Dial-Fit system, which allows you to change the fit by turning a knob. This feature is included in the package.

Different Varieties Of Water Helmets

When it comes to activities involving water, there are 3 different kinds of helmets available wakeboarding, kayaking, rafting,  surfing, etc.. The kind of head protection you’ll need to wear is determined by the kind of activity you’re participating in, how skilled you are, and how dangerous the environment is.

Half-Cut Helmets

The Half-Cut helmet is the most fundamental of the three, and as its name suggests, it is only a half of a full-face helmet. The top, sides, and back of the head are protected, but the ears are left uncovered. It is best utilised for activities involving a moderate amount of risk, such as recreational canoeing and kayaking.

Full-Cut Helmets

The difference between the Half-Cut and Full-Cut Water Sport Helmets is that the latter covers the entirety of the wearer’s head, including the ears. It’s a good idea to keep your ears covered if you’re going to be outside in the cold. Not only that, but the full covering that the Full-cut helmet provides gives you additional protection in white water scenarios and/or if you are inclined to or prone to tipping over. Full-cut helmets are available in both adult and youth sizes.

Full-Face Helmets

The Full-Face Helmet is exactly what it sounds like: a full head cover, quite similar to a helmet worn for motocross or motorcycle riding. The Full-Face offers the highest level of protection and is strongly suggested for use in challenging white water conditions up to and including Level IV rapids.

Water Sport Helmets Care

Water Sport Helmets: When you get your helmet adjusted so that it fits precisely and envelops your head in a snug manner, the retention strap is the most critical component of your helmet. If the retention strap on your helmet were to break or get disconnected from the shell of the helmet, then your helmet would fall off as quickly as you entered the water.

You have an obligation to check that the interior of your helmets is free of moisture at the conclusion of each day. The retention straps have a metal end piece and rivets that are used to secure them to the interior of the Water Sport Helmets. It is possible for them to rust and break apart if they are not given the opportunity to dry properly; however, this should never occur with a Water Sport Helmets that has been certified to EN1385 standards.

Water Sport Helmets

In a relatively short amount of time, the saltwater in the ocean could corrode the steel in your helmet if you use it in the water. If you are going to be using your helmets in salt water, it is in all likelihood going to be in your best interest to clean it after each usage with clean water and let it dry in the open air.

You have a responsibility to check the security of the retention strap on a frequent basis. Examine the item for any frays or cuts that may have started to appear. Keep one hand on the end of the strap, and give it a good pull with the other better which it break in your hand now than in the middle of  river. The straps should be buckled together, and you should also give the buckle a little twist to determine how sturdy it is.


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