September 27, 2023
Scott Ski Helmets

Types of Scott Ski Helmets

Scott Ski Helmets, If you want to avoid concussions or severe brain injury when skiing, you’ll want to wear one of the most advanced ski helmets on the market today. That is, Scott Ski Helmets. Helmets, on the other hand, must be maintained. It’s much more important if they’re used seasonally. It’s a good idea to change your helmet every 5 years as a general rule of thumb, but you should also be on the lookout for any warning indications.

The Symbol 2 Plus D Helmet

Wear the award-winning Symbol 2 Plus D Helmet and charge down the mountain in style and assurance. With Scott’s D30 technology, you can achieve this because the in-mold construction keeps a low profile, lightweight design while also boosting protection and durability, and the D30 inserts are highly shock-absorbing but soft & flexible for comfortable wear. 

Scott used MIPS, which stands for multi-directional impact protection system, to guard against angled hits, as well as a dual-toggle ventilation system to regulate airflow and remove heat from the front and top of the helmet. 360° Pure Audio Technology, a Scott-exclusive, is shaped for sound localisation, keeping you grounded and safe while you ride.


  • Helmet of the year: Scott’s 2017/2018 ISPO Gold-winning winter sports helmet
  • Using in-mold PC architecture allows for lightweight and comfortable protection
  • Progressive energy absorption can be achieved with D30 impact foam
  • A number of forces can be absorbed thanks to MIPS technology.
  • Flexible ventilation is provided by two front and top sliders.
  • The passive ventilation system in your goggles keeps your glasses from fogging up.
  • On the mountain, you won’t have any trouble hearing if you use a set of proprietary earbuds.

Track Plus Helmets : Scott Ski Helmets

Keeping things simple & effective are two of the most important things we seek for when it comes to safeguarding our heads when out on the trails. Mountain features like MIPS protection & non-irritating ear pads are included into the minimalist design.


  • Ski and snowboard helmets with no frills for dependable safety
  • Multi-direction impacts are lessened because to MIPS technology.
  • Even at low temperatures, the PC’s outer shell is sturdy and flexible.
  • In the event of a hit, the lightweight EPS liner compresses to reduce the force.
  • 360° Pure sound technology ensures that the rider’s hearing is not impaired by a lack of clarity.
  • It is possible to adjust the JRAS fit system so that it fits every head.
  • Breathability and airflow are provided by passive ventilation systems.

Scott Ski Helmets

A Mountaineer’s Couloir Helmet

Scott Ski Helmets, Scott Couloir Mountain Helmets are an essential piece of gear to have with you on any outdoor adventure, whether it’s a day on the slopes at the resort or an epic multi-day climbing expedition. The Casidion insert makes this helmet lightweight, while the Halo Fit system ensures a perfect fit, and the Coolmax system & Passive Venting provide excellent moisture management and cooling.


  • Helmet suitable for skiing and mountaineering in all four seasons
  • As a result of its low profile and lightweight, the Casidion top shell
  • The Halo fit system allows you to fine-tune the fit to your personal preference.
  • Use this all year round thanks to dual certifications.
  • Sweat is absorbed by the Coolmax moisture management technology, which keeps your brow dry.
  • Natural airflow is used in the Passive Venting System to keep you cool.
  • Dawn patrols & multi-day missions benefit from having their headlamps fixed in place.

Couloir Freeride Helmet

Before venturing into the backcountry or taking the first chair at your local ski resort, secure the chin strap of the Couloir Freeride Helmet. Scott Ski Helmets, The lightweight and well-ventilated design of this helmet ensures your comfort and coolness no matter where you ride.


  • Ideal for long days spent touring or riding in resorts that require a lightweight helmet
  • EPS foam and a polycarbonate shell provide protection.
  • Longer days can be spent comfortably thanks to the dual padding arrangement.
  • You can stay cool and comfortable thanks to the passive ventilation system.
  • Using the Halo Fit System, you can find the perfect fit every time.
  • Fixing your headlamp ensures that you are always ready for difficult operations.

Chase 2 Plus  Helmet

Scott Ski Helmets, Designed for everyday skiing and riding, the Scott Chase 2 Plus Helmet is a featherweight, low-profile alternative. Scott Ski Helmets, There’s a featherweight shell with a foam lining that further disperses impact, and all of this comes at an affordable price thanks to MIPS technology that reduces rotational forces caused by angled collisions. Active Venting System helps you to cool down and can be used with gloves on for efficiency, while 360 Pure Sound Technology enables you to hear better through the ear pads than you would in most regular helmets.


  • Helmet for everyday use that is effective, comfortable, and fashionable
  • It is easy to transport and sturdy thanks to the PC in-mold with EPS construction.
  • To prevent whiplash injuries, MIPS has a two-layer design.
  • There are two ways to get the WRAS 2 Fit system to work for you:
  • Hearing is sharpened thanks to 360° Pure Sound technology.
  • Assists in preventing hillside overheating with an Active Venting System
  • A padded chin strap provides even more comfort and a better fit.

Track Helmets

Scott Ski Helmets, In order to avoid hearing a “I told you so” from a fellow skier, we all put on our Track Helmets before heading up to the lift. In the event that we take a crash in the pow or miss a landing on the jump line, the PC in-mold construction and the nicely padded EPS liner in this helmet will protect our heads.

Scott Ski Helmets


  • Feature-rich helmets for skiing and snowboarding.
  • Cushioning and EPS liner improve comfort and safety.
  • Using a rotary adjustment system, the Rotary Adjustment System is able to precisely suit each head.
  • Using Pure Sound ear pads, you may hear better since they decrease background noise.
  • No matter what, passive venting keeps the flow of air under control.

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