December 3, 2023
Best Skiing Helmets 2022

The Best Skiing Helmets 2022

Best Skiing Helmets 2022, A helmet is a need for every skier, from the beginner slopes to the backcountry. For good reason, helmets are now practically universal on the slopes. Lighter, safer, and much more comfortable ski and snowboard helmets have been developed in the last few decades. The best helmet is one you wear on your head, as always. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind while purchasing a ski helmet.

Skiing and snowboarding are dangerous sports, and even the world’s most accomplished athletes have their share of mistakes. Make sure you have a thick piece of plastic covering your head before the next time you’re greeted by the snow. With this in mind, we’ve put together a ten-strong list of helmets that we think are worth your consideration. There is something for everyone here, whether you’re looking for a resort that emphasizes safety, a park that emphasizes style, or a backcountry that emphasizes sensibility.

Smith Vantage MIPS 

Best Skiing Helmets 2022, The Smith Vantage is the best ski helmet we’ve ever tested, and we’ve tested a lot of them. The soft but supportive lining, great covering all around your head, and also an easy-to-adjust Boa dial for fit demonstrate the product’s high quality and attention to detail. This helmet feels so light and comfy that you can put it on and not even know it’s there. A total of 21 vents are controlled by two different sliders, allowing you to fine-tune the amount of airflow to meet your specific needs. If you want a helmet that is both comfortable and versatile, go no further than this one.

Also included in the Vantage are all of Smith & Wesson’s standard safety features. Their honeycomb Aerocore architecture can be seen via the vent apertures and is designed to absorb more energy during a collision. Additionally, the MIPS liner, which is designed to protect your head in an angled collision, is in place. However, it’s worth mentioning that the additional technology is very nicely integrated into the vehicle’s low-profile design. It’s up to you to decide if the entire bundle is worth $270. MIPS models tend to run on the tiny side, so people with larger frames may want to consider going up a size.

Best Skiing Helmets 2022

Salomon MTN Lab: Best Skiing Helmets 2022

Best Skiing Helmets 2022, The Salomon MTN Lab is a highlight in the backcountry for its versatility. A featherweight 13.3 ounces (our moderate size with the bulkier winter liner) puts this helmet in second place (after the Petzl Meteor below) on our list of lightest backpacking helmets. With 12 wide openings on the top and sides of the lid, ventilation is also a strong point. As for the MTN Lab, Salomon didn’t spare on the features either: Smith I/O Mag goggles work wonderfully with the helmet’s back adjustment dial, and the merino wool liners (one lightweight and one winter-weight) are incredibly cozy and soft.

As an everyday helmet, the MTN Lab falls short. The Salomon’s limited cushioning is less comfortable and far less effective at keeping you warm in the cold than the more plush choices listed above. Another issue we had was moisture getting into the vents despite heavy snowfall (we were able to reduce this by putting our hardshell hood over the helmet), and the vents are non-adjustable. It’s less than ideal for lift-assisted days because of these sacrifices, but it’s the best option for alpine skiing.

Pret Cynic X

Prioritization is the key to finding the best $150 helmet. The Pret Cynic X is a good option if you prioritize liner comfort, adjustable fit, and also the ability to stand out in a sea of Smith, Oakley, and Giro helmets. One of the most comfortable interiors for under $200 because of its wool-blend inside and a simple fit mechanism that is equivalent to a Boa design. But the permanent ventilation system of 12 vents and open/close flaps throughout the interior does an excellent job of keeping the Cynic cool at this pricing point.

It weighs less than a pound for the medium size, thanks to the Cynic’s in-mold construction, and we love that the polycarbonate panels that thicken areas of the shell are judiciously placed. Finally, we enjoy the overall design of the Cynic & Pret collection, but some may find the huge “Pret” down the sides a bit severe. Check out the Cynic AT for a comparable design that’s been shaved off an ounce for alpine touring.

Wildhorn Highline Snow Helmet

Best Skiing Helmets 2022, At the outset, Wildhorn is an official supplier to the United States Ski Team. More than 2,200 customers have given the Drift, the brand’s original helmet, five-star reviews on Amazon, and also on the company’s website. We eagerly awaited the release of the brand’s second-ever design, the 2022 Highline ($130), which boasts a few notable changes.

MIPS (the Drift lacks a rotating impact system) and a sleek matte and gloss finish are included in the Highline’s safety features. The adjustable ventilation is one of its best features. Two vents are located at the forehead, eight on the top, and four at the back totaling 14. A hand-operated slider opens and closes the eight top vents.

Best Skiing Helmets 2022

On the resort’s coldest days (between 0 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit), we instantly noted the warmth & protection provided by the closed vents when alpine skiing and riding. This helmet has an easy-to-grasp dial in the back that allows you to fine-tune its internal sizing cage for a perfect fit, and we think that’s a great feature. We found the Highline to be thinner than other helmets we’ve tested, even though it’s labeled as such. Velcro can be used to store audio pucks in the plush ear pads. In addition, there is a snap fastening on the goggle strap, ensuring that your eye protection won’t fall off.

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