September 27, 2023
smith ski helmet

Reviews – Best Smith Ski Helmet with Pictures

 If you’ve been putting off updating an old helmet now is an excellent time to make the switch. While the more expensive versions on the list of Smith Ski helmets provide advanced fit modification and venting, people who visit the mountains only a few times a year will be comfortable with a less expensive alternative. There is also a separate segment of Smith womens ski helmet and Smith mens ski helmet.

Smith Ski helmets are inexpensive and comfortable, so there is no need to ski without one. There are numerous benefits to wearing a helmet while skiing, and when you consider them all, you’ll realise why it’s critical to wear one every time you hit the slopes, regardless of your ability level.

From the feature-packed and technologically advanced to the simple yet functional, the top Smith helmets for the 2021-2022 season we have here for you our top picks.

Six Reasons Why You Should Always Wear a Helmet on the Slopes

  1. To begin, a helmet will mitigate the severity of a head injury. While it cannot entirely avoid a head injury, it can significantly improve the outcome. Because brain trauma can be fatal, you want to do all possible to avoid a catastrophic head injury.
  2. Skiing requires you to be outside in chilly weather. Because the majority of your heat is lost through your head, you may be shocked to discover that ski helmets are rather warm. On the slopes, wearing a helmet can help you stay warm and comfortable.
  3. Goggles are required on the slopes to protect your eyes from snow and sun. Your helmet can assist in keeping your goggles in place, which is an added benefit of wearing one when on the slopes.
  4. You set an excellent example. Children and newcomers to the slopes are aware of their surroundings. Wearing a helmet sets an excellent example and encourages others to take the necessary measures when out on the slopes.
  5. Helmets also assist in keeping sunlight and snow out of your eyes. This manner, your eyes are unobstructed, allowing you to focus on the world around you.
  6. With your helmet, you may express some of your personality and distinctiveness. You can customise your helmet with stickers, designs, or even have it painted to showcase your personality, interests, and how you stand out. Adult SMITH

Top Smith Ski Helmets

1. Mirage Smith ski Helmet

Smith Ski Helmet

With the all-new Smith Optics® Adult Mirage Snow Helmet, you can ride the slopes in comfort, warmth, and flair! The AirEvac 2 Ventilation System’s adjustable dual fit system enables you to quickly change the temperature and air flow to get the optimum level of comfort and warmth. All season, enjoy the lightweight feel of this one-of-a-kind helmet thanks to its in-mold construction. 


  • Smith vantage ski helmet is perfect for protection while skiing or snowboarding.
  • There is adult fitness level in Smith vantage ski helmet.
  • Weight-saving in-molded design increases comfort by minimising weight.
  • AEROCORE Construction with Koroyd is used.
  • A comfy long-fleece liner ensures maximum comfort and warmth.
  • AirEvac 2 Ventilation eliminates unwanted cold draughts while increasing air movement.

2. SMITH Mission MIPS Smith ski Helmet for Adults

SMITH Mission MIPS Smith ski Helmet for Adults

The Smith Compass MIPS Helmet will keep your head safe on the slopes. This snow helmet, which specialises in multi-directional impact, provides outstanding protection whether skiing or snowboarding. The Compass is designed to be ultra-lightweight without sacrificing protection. Multiple vents keep you dry throughout the season. It mainly produces Smith womens ski helmet.


  • This Smith ski helmet is designed specifically for women; ideal for skiing and snowboarding.
  • The Smith ski helmet has in-mould construction for ultra-lightweight performance.
  • IPS technology (multi-directional impact protection system).
  • Through a minor rotation of the outer shell in reference to the liner, MIPS technology absorbs oblique stresses.
  • The Smith ski helmet has an adjustable BOA fit system for a custom fit.
  • AirEvac 2 technology maximises ventilation, resulting in increased airflow and comfort.
  • Climate control system with 21 vents.
  • The X-Static Performance lining provides additional comfort.
  • Snapfit SL2 ear pads provide a luxurious level of comfort.

3. Adult Scout Smith ski helmet

(Top-rated among Smith ski helmet)

Adult Scout Smith ski helmet

Consider the Smith Optics Adult Scout Helmet if you’re looking for a great all-season helmet that provides both comfort and safety! Durability and ding resistance are provided by the bombshell construction, while AirEvac 2 Ventilation keeps your head dry and comfortable and funnelling away warm and damp air. A climate control system with eight vents expels even more warm air while limiting draughts to keep you as comfortable as ever!


  • The Smith ski helmet is designed for year-round use.
  • This Smith ski helmet is intended for adult usage.
  • Bombshell’s injection-moulded ABS structure ensures maximum durability and ding resistance.
  • AirEvac Ventilation directs warm air out of the helmet via internal channels and external vents, ensuring continuous airflow and breathability.
  • For ultimate comfort, the self-adjusting lifestyle fit system flexes to conform to the contour of your head.

4. SMITH Camber MIPS Snow Helmet for Adults

SMITH Camber MIPS Snow Helmet for Adults

With the Smith Optics Adult Camber MIPS Snow Helmet, you’ll be protected as you tackle the slopes! This custom-designed MIPS technology helmet features unmatched impact protection and an in-mold structure that maximises weight reduction for lightweight comfort. The AirEvac system ventilates you while also providing customizable climate control, even while you’re wearing gloves!


  • Ideal for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports.
  • The Smith mips ski helmet is adult-appropriate.
  • MIPS technology (multi-directional impact protection system).
  • Through a minor rotation of the outer shell in reference to the liner, MIPS technology absorbs oblique stresses.
  • Smith Optics MIPS technology helmet built just for you.
  • The Smith mips ski helmet is designed with a low profile.
  • To enhance weight savings and comfort, an ultralight in-mold design combines a PC shell with an EPS liner.
  • Through external vents, internal channels, and the EPS liner, the AirEvac 2 ventilation system constantly draws warm, damp air away from the goggles.
  • Internal airflow is regulated by the climate controller.
  • With 20 vents, the regulator adjustable climate control enables rapid adjustment of airflow and heat exhaust.
  • A gloved hand adjusts the climate control regulator.

Features To Look For In Ski Helmets

  • Goggle Retainer Clips: Retainers for the goggles are a basic yet welcomed feature. The integrated clip secures goggle straps and helps prevent the likelihood of losing your ski goggles in a crash or other incident. Many affordable helmets use a basic plastic piece that flips open, but higher-end helmets feature a more secure strap or cord construction.
  • Equipped with Smith ski helmet headphones The majority of helmets are equipped with Smith ski helmet headphones. Smith and Giro, for example, operate nicely with Outdoor Tech’s Chip systems. In both situations, the ear cups feature an integrated pocket for storing speakers. Helmets labelled “Audio,” such as POC’s Communication line, will include inbuilt speakers and a wire for connecting to a phone or music player. If you choose this path, budget a little extra on high-quality speakers and dependable electronic hardware. Simply put, less expensive alternatives do not sound as attractive and are more likely to fail. For safety reasons, it’s always a good idea to keep the volume down or use non-noise cancelling speakers while skiing. Do you know how to install speakers in a Smith camber ski helmet?
  • Mounts for Action camera- Skiing and snowboarding are two sports that are inextricably related to the rise in popularity of the action camera. Skiers seized the opportunity to record ski runs, tricks, and general mountain joy. The wonderful thing is that the majority of action cameras include sticky helmet mounts that can be used with virtually any helmet on the market.


Is there a distinction between a Smith ski helmet and snowboarding helmets?

No, there is no difference and they all fit under the category of winter snow sport helmets. Many will have a preference for a helmet based on its appearance, as snowboard helmets for have historically sported a more “skater look.” Finally, keep in mind that women prefer cool skiing helmets, and if they think it’s cool, they’re much more likely to wear it, so choose one they’ll enjoy!

Can a Smith Ski helmet be a bike helmet?

Smith ski helmet and snowboard helmet is specifically designed for skiing and snowboarding purposes. Wearing another sport helmet such as bicycle helmet, may or may not afford you adequate protection.

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