September 27, 2023
Skating Helmets For Adults

The Best Skating Helmets For Adults

Skating Helmets For Adults: The most important piece of skating safety gear is a helmet. It doesn’t matter what level of rider you are or what kind of gear you have,  a protective helmet is essential. In this guidance, we go over our top 10 picks for skate helmets and get down to the nitty-gritty.

Skateboarding can be exhilarating and thrilling, but it also carries a certain amount of risk. Injuries can be caused by falling on hard pavement, having lost your balance while performing a trick, or being hit by a passing car. Your safety gear could save you money on medical expenses and save your life in some cases. Helmets are arguably the most crucial piece of equipment. It shields you from serious head injuries like skull fractures and concussions.

Skating Helmets For Adult: What factors should you consider when shopping for a skateboard helmet? Here, we’ll examine ten of our top picks, such as the overall best, best premium, and best budget helmets. Considerations for purchasing & frequently asked questions will also be addressed. Skating is a passion of ours, and we want everyone to enjoy it to the fullest. Skateboard helmets abound, but which ones are the best? This is a list of our best ten picks.

Skating Helmets For Adults

1. Triple 8 The Certified Sweat saver: Skating Helmets For Adults

Skating Helmets For Adult: In order to have an enjoyable and safe ride, such a helmet from Triple Eight includes all of the necessary safety features and certifications. CPSC Bike & ASTM F-1492 Skate safety regulations allow you to use it for cycling, skating, and roller skating.

If you’re worried about a bulky appearance, don’t be. Classic design is low profile. On the inside, there’s high-density EPS cushioning and a moisture-wicking Sweat saver lining. Extra soft and thick padding ensures a cosy experience. They’ve already put in the thin linings. In addition, thicker moveable aligners are included.

To ensure a perfect fit, you can choose between two separate kinds of removable liners. Triple Eight sells replacement liners for the Sweat saver on their website if you need more in a different colour or size. Sweat stains and odors can be minimized with the use of this patented material. The perfect fit is also ensured by the inclusion of side release buckle-adjustable straps. Skateboard helmets are offered in four different sizes and a wide range of colors for the user’s convenience.


  1. Helmets that are approved for use on both bikes and skateboards
  2. Sweat saver liners alleviate sweating discomfort.

2. Triple 8 Gotham Dual-Certified Mips Helmet

Skating Helmets For Adult: If you’re willing to spend the extra cash, the Triple Eight helmet has some impressive features. Lightweight but durable ABS plastic is used for the outer shell. The quality of ABS shell lids is improved because they are molded, not glued.

If you’re looking for maximum airflow and protection in your helmet, look no further than the Conehead EPS liner. With ABS outer shell & EPS foam inner liners, a helmet that is both lightweight and strong is created.. CPSC & ASTM safety standards allow you to wear the helmet for both biking and skating. In addition to that, what else should we mention? MIPS stands for “multi-directional impact protection system,” and it is used in this product. Because of MIPS helmets, dangerous and damaging rotational forces can be reduced during a crash, according to the theory.

In terms of safety,  Gotham Triple Eight helmet is an excellent option. Washable & Sweatsaver removable pads are also included. The dial system as well as an customizable chin strap with such side release buckle are both available for fine-tuning your helmet.

Skating Helmets For Adult: Pros

  1. Biking and ice skating are both CPSC and ASTM dual-certified
  2. Extra protection is provided by MIPS.
  3. It’s light, but it’s strong.

3. Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet

Skating Helmets For Adult: Buying a skateboarding helmet doesn’t have to break the bank. Pro-Tec has a reasonably priced option that provides protection you need. An EPS foam liner and high-impact ABS shell are used to make it. ASTM F1492/1447 certification means it can be used for skateboarding and skating. CPSC 1203 & CE 1078 certifications are also on the record for this Pro-Tec classic. It’s tough enough to take a beating. Compression-molded liner pads & 11 vents are included for additional comfort. If you sweat lot while skating, the vents will keep your head cool. Helmet straps and a secure-locking buckle can be used to fine-tune the fit.


  1. All of the safety requirements have been met.
  2. Keeps your head cool with its 11 vents.
  3. Affordable

4. Triple 8 Lil 8 Double-Certified Sweat saver: Skating Helmets For Adults

Skating Helmets For Adults: A smaller version of Triple Eight’s LIL 8 has all of the features you’d expect in a smaller (and less expensive) package. In accordance with CPSC & ASTM F1492 standards for bicycles, skateboards and rollerblades.

The outer shell is made of ABS plastic, which is strong and lightweight, and the inner liner is made of EPS foam. Sweat saver fit pads improve the helmet’s fit, allowing your child to wear it for extended periods of time without discomfort. In addition to reducing sweat stains and odors, these exchangeable pads also help. Liners are available in two thicknesses: pre installed in the helmet and removable thicker ones.

The “Pinch Saver” padded chin straps and back of the helmet’s “Fit Dial” ensure a snug fit. There is an 18-20-inch head circumference range for Triple Eight LIL Children under the age of five are typically included in this category.


  1. A helmet for a child’s skateboard
  2. An approved helmet by CSPC and ASTM standards.
  3. Affordable

Skating Helmets For Adults

5. Bell Sanction Full-Face Helmet: Skating Helmets For Adults 

Skating Helmets For Adults: Because it is a full-face helmet, the Bell Sanction stands out from the crowd. For electric skateboarding, why did we go with this particular brand and model? Compared to regular skateboarding, this is more hazardous. Crash injuries and fatalities are more likely to be severe at high speeds.

Your entire head and face need to be shielded. Even though it’s designed for bicycles and BMX bikes, this electric skateboard charger can be used on either. It weighs just 850 grammes thanks to its durable ABS shell. If you’re used to e-skateboarding helmets being too large, this one is a good alternative because of its lower profile.

The adjustable visor is another cool feature. To protect your eyes from bright sun or other reflective objects, such as cars, you should go outside on a cloudless day. Certain reviews claim there aren’t enough vents for heavy sweaters. Additional (49-50 cm) to extra-large are the sizes available (58-60 cm).

Skating Helmets For Adult: Pros

  1. Full-face protection is provided.
  2. Lightweight
  3. People with lower heads will appreciate this.

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