December 4, 2022
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3 Best Giro Ski Goggles with Pictures

Not getting your right ski goggles? Don’t worry when you have Giro ski goggles. No matter how much advanced technology is packed into ski goggles, they tend to fog up and restrict peripheral vision. The interchangeable lens goggles, on the other hand, rarely do either. The Giro snowboard goggles is one of a kind. The company began with cycling helmets but has grown in popularity because to its unique Vivid lenses in their Giro polarized ski goggles which were created in collaboration with camera manufacturer Zeiss, and a semi frameless design that provides a wide panoramic vision. The following are the top Giro ski goggles:


Best Giro Ski Goggles

Adult Giro Vivid Method


Adult Giro Vivid Method Giro ski Goggles


The Giro Method goggle, new for the 2020 season, meets your primary requirements for clarity, comfort, and, of course, style. To begin, the Method features a broad field of view and the industry’s greatest lens technology, courtesy of a VIVID lens with Optics by ZEISS. The Method’s triple layer face foam with micro fleece front provides all-day comfort thanks to EVAK Vent Technology. You’ll immediately notice the Method’s clean, modern lines.

Giro has launched many goggles with anti-fog technology.You will get to know once you use any of the Gigo ski goggles. Here are some top-notch features of this Giro Goggles or Giro snowboard goggles.


EXV Frame Design–  Giro ski goggles has an easy-to-use Slash Seal Lens Interchange System.

Vivid Lens Technology in collaboration with ZEISS OPTICS – VIVID is a patented lens technology developed by Giro in collaboration with Zeiss. By boosting contrast and definition, VIVID enhances the visual experience on snow. By allowing in contrast-enhancing blue light while suppressing damaging UV radiation, VIVID Lens Technology efficiently manipulates blue light. Vivid effectively eliminates haze, allowing your eyes to focus on your line and enjoying your riding/skiing experience. You can enjoy this feature while using  Giro ski goggles.

Slash Seal Lens Interchange System – Giro ski goggles have an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for lens shifting on the go. Align the lens carrier and new lens simply, and then press the frame and lens together along the perimeter seam to secure the deal. Additional features include a triple-layer face foam with micro fleece lacing, an anti-fog coating, compatibility with OTG, and compatibility with the Adapt Strap.

EVAK Vent Technology – Giro ski goggles have EVAK vent technology that help preventing fog by removing moisture while simultaneously forming a barrier against the environment. EVAK Vent Tech utilises a novel foam that is ultra-durable and non-absorbent. Compatible with Adapt Straps — Adapt Straps have a sleek, seamless in-frame connection point that allows you to instantly adjust your style with a strap that matches or contrasts with your goggle for maximum self-expression. For supplementary straps, search for Giro Adapt Strap.

Includes Two Vivid ZEISS Lenses – This is one of the most important feature og Giro ski goggles .It has one for use in all lighting circumstances and one for use in low light.


Axis Giro


Giro Axis Snow Goggles


Giro is a global leader in the snow goggle business, and their Axis model features a medium fit, two high- quality lenses, a comfortable foam construction, and a respectable field of view for its tiny size. We put the Axis through its paces on a variety of terrain, from wet and windy backcountry tours in British Columbia to bluebird adventures and deep powder days in Japan. Our assessment: While Smith’s I/O series outperforms Giro’s Zeiss offerings in terms of visibility, the Axis is an excellent all-around performer. 


Clarity And Optical Characteristics : One of the advantages of spending up to $200 is that you often receive two lenses with your purchase. In this case, the Axis is equipped with two high-quality Zeiss lenses: one for general use and another for low-light situations. Both use the brand’s ”Vivid” technology, which enhances contrast and draws attention to minute details by allowing more blue light in while preventing harmful UV rays.

Ventilation and Resistance to Fog: While some of our testers reported fogging concerns with the Giro Axis, I found the new EVAK vent technology—basically porous foam engineered to evacuate rather than collect moisture—to be extremely successful at dissipating excess heat. Additionally, the anti-fog coating has performed admirably thus far, excelling in both warm and chilly temperatures and at a variety of elevations. For comparison, my partner struggled with the Smith Skyline fogging up between the lenses throughout the season, whereas I had no issues with the Axis. While visiting the sidecountry at my local resort, I did encounter some slight accumulation, although this was most likely due to overdressing. If you layer appropriately and take care of the goggles (which includes minimising the number of times you wipe the lens), the Axis should operate well whether you’re skiing inbounds or skinning deep into the backcountry.


Giro Blok


Giro Blok Goggles (1)


Along with helmets, Giro has been manufacturing ski goggles and snowboard goggles for some years. The Giro Blok is one of their more basic types, and it was one of the cheapest we tested. Despite its lower price point, the Blok surprised our testers with its excellent ventilation, optics, comfortable fit, and more traditional appearance. Giro collaborates with Zeiss to manufacture its cylindrical VIVID lenses, and the Onyx lens provided with the model we tested provides generally distortion-free vision that performs well in bright light. The Blok features a big fit that testers found to be comfortable and helmet-friendly across a range of facial sizes. The Blok is a high-quality goggle that looks great and is reasonably priced. Although Giro is most well-known for their cycling and snowsports helmets, they have been manufacturing high-quality snow goggles, also known as Giro ski goggle or Giro polarized ski goggles for the better part of a decade. They manufacture a full line of ski and snowboard goggles, ranging from the ultra-luxurious to more affordable variants such as the Blok. The Bloks are straightforward goggles with high-quality Zeiss cylindrical lenses, a classic but elegant design, and an excellent level of comfort.



How To Clean Giro Ski Goggles?

You need not use anything special to clean your Giro ski Goggles or Giro goggles. The best way to clean is to shake the snow off from your Giro ski goggle and let the lens dry off naturally.

Hurry Up! Get your Giro Snow Goggles home and enjoy travelling.

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