September 27, 2023
Fishing Net

Reviews of Fly Fishing Net with Pictures

Fly fishing is gaining popularity among a growing number of individuals. However, like any other activity, the best way to have a good time and catch fish is to have the right fishing equipment.

A good fly fishing net should be one of these pieces of equipment. There are several excellent alternatives available, and we understand how tough it may be for you to select just one. That is why we have put up a fast buyer’s guide as well as a few recommendations for the best fly fishing nets on the market.

What Features Should a Decent Fly Fishing Nets Have?

A decent fly fishing net should be well-built regardless of where it is used. Nothing is more frustrating than losing a large fish because your landing net is too tiny or badly constructed and breaks when it matters most.

Frame Material

Fly fishing nets are constructed from a variety of materials. The most common are made of wood, metal, or fiberglass. Wood lends it a more classic appearance and ensures that it floats. Aluminum and fiberglass are both robust and lightweight, making them more contemporary materials.

The Grip on the Handle

Rubber grips are often used on aluminium and fiberglass. This provides a secure grip and prevents the fly net from slipping out of your hand during fishing. In wooden varieties, the handle is usually made of wood. 


The most widely used size is of trout net. Depending on your fishing scenario, you should select the one that is most appropriate for you. As a general guideline, you should always use one that is large enough to accommodate the largest fish you anticipate catching.


Like the sizes, the cost of the net for fly fishing varies considerably. Smaller wooden trout nets cost between $40 and $50. Handmade and more rare items frequently carry three-digit price tags.

In general, flying fishing nets become more expensive as construction quality and component quality improve. Additionally, the larger and tougher the fish, the more robust your landing net must be. A good quality landing net is an investment worth making.

Best Fly Fishing Nets For Perfect Fishing

Fishing Net

SF Fly Fishing Soft Rubber Mesh Landing Net

An excellent option for fly fishers is the SF Fly Fishing Soft Rubber. It, like the Fishpond Nomad Emerger, features a rubber net. The frame, on the other hand, is composed of wood. This gives it a much more classic appearance.


  • The frame and handle are constructed of laminated bamboo and hardwood, making them easier to grip and more comfortable to hold. The solid wood surface has a unique color that makes the frame waterproof and resistant to abrasion. The end of the handle has a 360-degree copper swivel that connects to the lanyard and the magnetic field.
  • The SF fly fishing catch and release net is made of a soft, clear rubber-friendly material that is resistant to stagnation, rot, and carbon dioxide.
  • The rubber mesh is perforated to prevent little indigenous trout from sliding right through the net.
  • This is the best net for fly fishing on your favourite river, lake, or stream. The catch and release net features an integrated lightweight design that makes it extremely handy to carry when fishing.

Trademark Innovations Fly Fishing Fish-Safe Net

This amazing wood net is made with Burl Wood. It offers the best price — but don’t let the low price fool you — this net is too strong and made to last.

You will adore this net’s long handle and sleek style. When price and usefulness are considered, this is one of our top recommendations for the “greatest fly fishing net for the money.” 


  • There is a measuring stick on the handle with marks for 5″ and 10″.
  • The rubber net material present will keep the fish safe.
  • This net is straightforward, yet effective with durable and lightweight construction.
  • It is capable of handling larger fish up to 20 inches in length.
  • You can use this with a kayak, a boat, wade, a stream, fly fishing, or any other outdoor activity.

Yamuduo Fly Fishing Net Catch and Release Trout

The Yamuduo is an exquisite wood net available at an incredible price. The net is constructed of oak and bamboo and is waterproofed to prevent deterioration. If you’re searching for a sturdy long handle net, the Yamuduo Fly Fishing Landing Net is a great option.


  • The handle design sets this product apart from similar goods. It is shaped like a fish.
  • Due to the size of the fly fishing net, it can easily be slung on the back of a regular human. Net is suited for trout fishing and features a unique construction that minimizes the possibility of tangling and hooking snares.
  • The vintage design and the use of a piano paint-like production method, which includes at least three coats of paint and polishing, provide adequate airtightness, reflection, and a comfortable feel.
  • The transparent rubber mesh will keep it concealed in the water, the fish will not be scared, the net will not rot or mould, and the fish’s skin will not be harmed.

PLUSINNO Fly Fishing Net with Wooden Frame

The handle of PLUSINNO fly fishing net is made of rare camphor wood, varnished and waterproof. A quick-release clasp and lanyard are included to prevent loss. A durable carabiner magnetic clip allows for quick connection, secures the net, and leaves your hands entirely free. Fly fishing, salty freshwater fishing, boat fishing, river, lake, or stream fishing are all possible with this net. 


  • This tangle-free fishing net, made of clear smooth mesh, guarantees that your fish are handled gently and gives excellent help when removing hooks or when used for tag and release.
  • The aviation aluminium magnets are resistant to corrosion and have the highest magnetic strength available.
  • Sturdy wooden handle and frame that is simple to hold and balance when fishing for catch-and-release fish.
  • Strong magnetic coiled lanyards maintain their shape even when the weight of a net is pushing down on them, and it’s simple to locate the magnet for reattachment when necessary. Connect quickly, maintain a firm grip on the net, and keep your hands fully free. With a strong carabiner, you can quickly attach it to your backpack or belt.
  • It is lightweight and the ideal size for fishing trips. The handle’s bottom end features an ouch that pairs well with coiled lanyards and magnetic attachments.


Finding a fly fishing net can be difficult because of the variety of options available. Whatever method you choose–catch and release or otherwise–be careful to use a rubber fishing net.

We hope this post has aided in choosing the best fly fishing net and we can assure that these nets will provide you with ultimate fishing experience.


How to carry fly fishing net?

There are various ways to transport a fly fishing net properly. You can do this by attaching a magnetic net release to your waders or jacket. When you hook a fish, you may simply pull the handle to grasp the net. Once you’ve freed the fish, just reattach it using the magnet. Additionally, you may carry your net by tucking it into the backside of your waders’ wading belt. A third method is to employ a sling pack, which frequently includes a specific net holding gear.

How to attach fly fishing net to vest?

The best way to handle a fly fishing net is to attach it to a magnetic strip, (or magnetic retractor as it is commonly called), on the back of your vest or sling pack. Carrying your net in this way keeps your cast clear and is readily available when it is time to fish.

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