September 27, 2023
Graphic Motorcycle Helmets

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Graphic Motorcycle Helmets: Still not certain that one of these awesome lids is right for you? In all seriousness, not only do these helmets look amazing, but they’re also really well-made and will provide a high level of comfort and protection. With those considerations in mind, I went on the lookout for some of the finest helmet graphics for the 2022 ride season.

Warden Of The Icon Airform

Graphic Motorcycle Helmets: Icon’s Airform lid is a truly awesome piece of gear. The Airform borrows a lot of fascinating features from the Icon lineup’s more costly siblings, making it ideal for urban sport riders who want to stand out. This year, Icons has introduced six amazing new visual variations to the Airform roster, bringing the total number of Airform alternatives to an impressive 21. The Warden graphic is fantastic. The vivid blue serves as an excellent backdrop for the fearsome winged raptor in flight.

Graphic Motorcycle Helmets

Rpha 11 Hjc Carnage

Graphic Motorcycle Helmets: Naturally, Customer would never advise you to ride like an extraterrestrial parasite, yet Customer is convinced that if you wear this Carnage helmet, it will develop a symbiotic relationship with the wearer and grant them superhuman skills. Spiderman, take care of it! With a reinforced fibreglass shell, multi-layer double density EPS foam, &  DOT and ECE certifications, the RPHA 11 is a seriously good helmet. It also includes emergency cheek pad releases, which both myself &  the rest of the BadAss staff believe is an important safety feature that should be included in all helmets.

Dreamtime Agv K1

This is what I refer to as the first step toward becoming Valentino Rossi. The 46 emblazoned K1 Dreamtime is one of several fantastic #46 emblazoned lids that will make you feel such as the MotoGP G.O.A.T. The K1 is an outstanding medium oval helmet for regular riding, with style inspirations directly from Rossi’s uber-expensive Pista GP RR versions. Many of the race-spec helmets’ wind tunnel-developed characteristics were included into the K1, ensuring good ventilation and sightlines.

Regent-X Jungle 2 By Arai

Graphic Motorcycle Helmets: Arai is a high-end brand that provides high-end melon protection. The Regent-X combines performance and cost with Arias’ revolutionary Peripherally Belted Super Complex Laminated Construction shell design (say that five times fast). Arai’s preoccupation with safety is also embedded into the helmet, though you wouldn’t notice it straight away owing to the sick design. The helmet’s revised opening makes putting it on and taking it off a breeze, and it’s Snell approved.

Norick 4 Shoei X-14

Graphic Motorcycle Helmets

The Shoei X-14 is a top-of-the-line racing helmet. Every part of this helmet, from the inside out, is focused on performance. Extremely stable at high speeds, with superb optics and ventilation. By reproducing Norick Abe’s helmet from his last year in MotoGP (2004), this graphic pays homage to a legendary Japanese racer. Unfortunately, Norick died in a car accident in 2007.

Exo-R1 Air Blackletter By Scorpion

The EXO-R1 is a luxury racing helmet that has the fit and feel of  more expensive helmet from a well-known brand. It has shown itself on the track for stars of the MotoGP & World Superbike Championships, & it will continue to do so for everyday riding at a price that everyone can afford. Scorpion’s revolutionary AirFit cheek pad inflating mechanism is included. In a nutshell, it’s a Reebok Pumps for your face age check. AirFit makes it simple to construct a helmet that fits like a glove.

Matrix Of Fly Racing Street Revolt

Are you on a tight budget? Is it necessary to have a Snell rating? Is your inner badass in need of a little more than black? The Revolt Matrix is a fantastic option for you. This helmet is ideal for all-around riding, whether on sport bikes, cruisers, and touring bikes whatever your needs are, this helmet will meet them. The impact absorption it provides is up to the task, thanks to a strong & lightweight polycarbonate/ABS shell & a dual density EPS liner.

Sandbox Simpson Ghost Bandit

Graphic Motorcycle Helmets: The Simpson Bandit is one of the best helmet designs ever! The Ghost Bandit is for you if you like the look of a Simpsons Helmet but need the comfort of a touring helmet. The Sand Camo design will keep you concealed on high-speed desert excursions, but the Ghost Bandit lid offers all the comforts you’ll need. This lid features a retractable sun visor, Bluetooth compatibility, and excellent ventilation.

Ls2 Spitfire Spark

Graphic Motorcycle Helmets: Perhaps it’s because I’m impatiently awaiting the launch of Top Gun 2, but I really like the fighter pilot images just on LS2 Spark helmets. The DOT-approved thermoplastic shell & dual-density EPS core are light & comfortable. Thank you, LS2, for making micro-adjustable chin straps a reality. The Spark also comes with a slick pull-down sun visor that, although keeping the sun at away, serves mostly to complete the fighter pilot image (obviously).

Big Shot Nexx Sx100

If you’re searching for a helmet to make a statement with, this one fits the bill nicely. “Riding like a big shot,” it says pretty literally. I believe this is the ideal helmet for anyone doing some sports touring and riding around on a cruiser. At around $300, with the sun visor & a pinlock-ready shield, this is a pretty good deal. It’s fully DOT & ECE compliant, and unlike the skeletal coat of paint, it’s also a safe alternative to keep your head covered in flesh!

Graphic Motorcycle Helmets

Devil May Care 2020 Bell Qualifier Dlx Mips

Graphic Motorcycle Helmets: Something about the design on this helmet makes it look like the front of a P-51 Mustang that’s just returned from a brutal dogfight and it screams fantastic. You’ll look fantastic and be safe wearing one of Bell’s MIPS helmets with that graphics job. The MIPS anti-rotational safety system, a redesigned wind collar to reduce air and road noise, &  much-needed integrated speaker cutout for Bluetooth communication systems are all included in the Qualifier DLX.


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